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Our online registration starts on April 1, 2017. We encourage all to register online. There are no transaction fees from the website associated with online registration.


Registration age (1)
Ball Size
Max. Players on the Team
Players on the Field
Play Time
“Early Bird” Registration Fee
Registration Fee (2)
Under 5
6 x 6
4 x 10
Under 7
7 x 7
2 x 20
Under 9
8 x 8
2 x 20
U12 (Jr. Premiere)
Under 12
9 x 9
2 x 25
U15 (Premiere)
Under 15
11 x 11
2 x 30


(1)       See “What does “U5” or “U9” (etc.) mean?” below for further information
(2)       If you register before May 2, 2017 you qualify for “early bird” $20 discount. Our full prize registration fee starts May 2, 20167
Due to program cost incurred for uniforms, league and insurance fees, etc. no refund will be provided after teams are formed and the first game of the Summer Season has commenced. The game schedule can be found on the Events Calendar or Master Schedule. All request for refund must be made in writing either on our website using an online form or by e-mail to . All refund requests must include the following information: Name of child, date of birth, Division, reason for request of refund, name refund check should be written out to and mailing address. Approved refunds will be returned within 30 days of the request.
  • Refunds requested before and on "Uniform Distribution Day" are refunded 100%
  • Refunds requested after "Uniform Distribution Day" but before first game of the Summer Season is refunded 50%
Refunds will be allowed for the following reasons:
  • High School students making a HS Soccer Team (at the request of SAY of Chicago, proof of HS team acceptance must be provided)
  • Players moving out of the Chicagoland  area (at the request of SAY of Chicago, proof of address must be provided)
  • Players suffering incapacitating injury prior to first Summer Season game (at the request of SAY of Chicago, a doctors verification must be provided)
Please note we will not honor refund requests based on coach or team assignment dissatisfaction, schedule/time conflicts or any other reason not specifically listed above.
"U9" is short for "My soccer age is Under 9".  U9 players cannot be 9 years old (or older) on August 1 of the Season they play. The system is analogous for U5, U7, etc. In general, U5 players will have "soccer ages" of 4 or 5, U7 players will have soccer ages of 6 or 7, and U9 players will have soccer ages of 8 or 9.   To determine your child(ren)’s soccer age, use our Age Group Chart.
Registration includes:
·          One season of Soccer 
·         Team Uniform (Jersy, Shorts and Socks) 
·         Individual and Team Photo (a small fee for postage is required)
·         Referees (for U9, U12 and U15 only)
·         Player Award
Before Uniform Pickup Day you will receive an e-mail with the Team Name and the name of the Team Coach your child(ren) has been assigned to. 

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Our Summer Season normally starts at the beginning of June (with other activities such as Fun Fair, Skill Sessions and Uniform Distribution before then) and ends in late August.  At the end of our Season we have our award ceremony. We do not have a Spring or Winter program.

This year, our season is scheduled as follows:
Summer Season runs from June 2, 2017 through August 11, 2017. (All Divisions).  There is no Fall Season.

How long are the Seasons?
The 2017 Season is 12 weeks long.
During the 2017 Season, all games are played on weekdays: THESE TIMES ARE NOT FINALIZED YET. Currently it appears we will be granted field space on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays this summer. Will update with final timeframes as soon as possible.


Division 2017 Season
U5 Tuesday (6 – 7 pm) Friday (6 – 7 pm)  
U7 Tuesday (6 – 7 pm) Friday (6 – 7 pm)  
U9 Tuesday (7 – 8 pm) Friday (7 – 8 pm)  
U12 (Jr. Premiere) Tuesday (8 – 9 pm) Friday (8 - 9 pm)  
U15 (Premiere) Tuesday (9 – 10 pm) Friday  (9 – 10 pm)  





All games are played at the UIC South Field Complex.

SAY of Chicago does not cancel games (except when there is lightning in the proximity of the fields).  Our host, the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) cancels games when weather (rain or snow) can be harmful to the fields.  Since SAY of Chicago is dependent of instructions from UIC regarding cancellations, it is sometimes difficult to distribute cancellation notices in a timely manner.  Sometimes, even if the weather is nice on the day of the games, games are cancelled due to standing water on the fields.
During the Season, no games are rescheduled, unless they are required to for U12 and U15 tournaments. If necessary to complete the tournament, games are rescheduled.

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All players will be assigned to teams in a random process that makes every attempt to balance age and experience, without coach, parent and/or Recreational Board member input and/or subjectivity . Requests for coach and/or player assignment will not be honored regardless of carpool request, scheduling conflicts or any other family/player situations. The only exception is siblings within the same division.  However, coaches can select players.  A coach can select up to five (5) players per team they coach.  Those five (5) players include the Coaches’ own child(ren).
Yes, as long as each child meets the appropriate age/grade criteria.
During the Summer Season there are no formal standings at any level of play nor any league playoffs, except for U15 playoffs at the end of the season.  Somehow, though, everyone knows the score and their team’s record.  Our goal is no blow outs. Teams should not be winning (or losing) 7 – 0.  There are many effective ways to keep games competitive and our coaches are encouraged to keep the game within a four-goal margin.   Our goal is for all the KIDS to have FUN.

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NO!  Coaching from the parent sidelines will only distract the players. Let your child's Coach handle the coaching. Coaches all have different styles - some coach actively during matches, others during breaks, others just when players are on the bench. But regardless of your Coach's style - parents should cheer and shout encouragement - that's it. Leave the coaching to the Coaches.
SAY of Chicago provides a basic training program for all coaches at the beginning of the year. The current training is a program designed to teach the coaches how to organize a practice and teach the basic soccer skills. There is an emphasis on age-appropriate drills and games and the rules of the game.   However, all coaches are parents with little or no soccer background who has volunteered to coach your team.

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Your child will need to wear shin guards during practice and games (this is mandatory – no child will be allowed to practice/play without shin guards).  Appropriate foot attire is also required. Soccer cleats are acceptable (no metal studs); however, they are not mandatory.  A Team Uniform is provided as a part of the Registration Fee, and will be handed out at Uniform Pickup Day by the Team Coach.  If your child would like to wear a sweatshirt or long pants, they can, as long as their uniform is on the outside. A soccer ball is also very helpful.
Players are allowed by SAY rules to play up. We may allow kids that are young for their grade (e.g., have August or September birthdays) to play with their classmates, even though they qualify for the next group lower. If your son or daughter is unusually large or unusually skilled for his or her age, he or she is also able to "play up". Such decisions are generally made at the discretion of the Division Coordinators.
Unlike the other age groups, there is a minimum age for U5.  U5 players must have soccer ages of at least 4.
Playing "down" is not practiced in our League.
We welcome players of all skill levels.
We provide a recreational environment for children to learn and play soccer. KIDS having Fun is our motto, and having fun while developing skills is important. We do not keep scores or standings (Except for Tournaments for U12 and U15). The overall objective of our program is maximum participation, which means every child will play at least half of every match.
Recreational soccer is organized soccer with an emphasis on fun and skill development.   Recreational soccer is also ideal for older players who are new to the game or those who can’t make the time or financial commitment required for competitive soccer.

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