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Registration Information
SAY of Chicago is a Non-For Profit Organization who serve children ages 3 thru 15 from throughout the Chicagoland area, from all ethnic and economic backgrounds.  We have developed 5 levels of age groups in our league for the 2019 Soccer Season:

Children between 3  years old (Born before July 31, 2016) and 5 years old (Born  August 1, 2013 or later)
Children between 5 years old (Born before August 1, 2011) and 7 years old (Born July 31, 2013 or later)
Children between 7 years old (Born before August 1, 2009) and 9 years old (Born August 1, 2011 or later)
U12 (Jr. Premiere)
Children between 9 years old (Born before August 1, 2009) and 12 years old (Born October 1, 2006 or later)
U15 (Premiere)
Children between 12 years old (Born before September 30, 2006) and 15 years old (Born August 1, 2003 or later)
The rules of Say of Chicago do not allow any player or their parent/guardian to select the team they want to play on.  The teams are randomly arranged by the SAY of Chicago division coordinators.  A volunteer coach can request up to five (5) players to play on his/her team.